Oils Skimmers by SkimTech, LLC
Tiger Tube - Oil Skimmer Collector Tubes, by SkimTech

Oil Skimmer Collector Tubes available in three sizes...
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1. TT01 1.0” Diameter TigerTube®
2. TT34 ¾” Diameter TigerTube®
3. TT25 ¼” Diameter TigerTube®

Specially formulated for Tube Type oil skimmers to maximize oil, fats and grease removal. It snakes over debris and can be used in hot or cold applications. The tube is sized for the application and joined using our unique proprietary bonding process. The orange color is the universal color for a moving part - a unique safety feature.

Animal fats, cooking oil, cutting oil, diesel fuel, fly ash, gasoline, grease, hydraulic oil, jet-a fuel, kerosene, lubricating oil, paint sludge, quench oil, RAD waste, silicone, solvents, sludge, soybean oil, tramp oil, vegetable oil, waste oil - no problem for the TigerTube®.

How These Oil Skimmer Collector Tubes Work...

The TigerTube® floats on the surface of water and is driven in a continuous loop by the oil skimmer. Free-floating oils, fats and grease cling to the outside surface of the collector tube and are pulled into the oil skimmer where they are removed by our Dureon® tube scrapers. The material removed flows into a sludge pan that is plumbed to a collection container. The collector tube is then driven back to the water to remove more floating material.

Interested in replacing your existing oil skimmer collector tube? SkimTech's TigerTube® is the solution. Not only will you get outstanding performance, you will typically save 20% or more off the price of collector tubes purchased from other manufacturers. Call us at 330.774.5044 or email us at sales@skimtech.com for a quotation...you'll be glad you did! The TigerTube® can be used with any Tube Type oil skimmer.

The most widely used oil skimmer collector tube is the 3/4" diameter tube. Use the chart below to identify which TigerTube® is correct for your oil skimmer.

Oil Skimmer Model No. Size of TigerTube®

Oil Skimmer Model Number
TigerTube® Size