Oils Skimmers by SkimTech, LLC

Customer Site Images - USA and Around The World

Model BG34 with Tube Guide. Oil/Water Equalization Sump - Recycled Paper Processing Plant - Canada

Model BG34. Oil/Water Equalization Sump - Hydro Power Plant - USA

Model AG25. Pre-Treatment Oil/Water Equalization Tank - Railroad Equipment Repair Facility - USA

Customized Model AG25 -Pre-Treatment Oil/Water Equalization Pit - Mining Operation - Africa

Customized Model AG25 (Shown Without Safety Cover). Oil/Water Settling Tank - Steel Mill - USA

Model BG01. Oil/Water Settling Basin - Mining Operations - Indonesia

Customized Model AG25 With Explosion Proof Motor and Frame Mount. Oil Water Settling Basin. Skimmer Shown With Customer Supplied Sump Cover And Oil Collection Tote - Industrial Gas Distributor - USA.

Model BG01. Oil/Water Settling Basin - Third Site - Mining Operations - Indonesia. We Love This Picture! THANKS!

TigerTube® Collector Tubing - Model BG01. Oil/Grease/ Water Settling Basin - Food Processing Plant - USA

Model AG25 Oil/Water Settling Tank -Metal Processing Plant - USA

Who Doesn’t Like Big Trucks? This Is One Of The Biggest. The Oil/Water From This Facility Flows To A Collection Basin. Our Model BG01 Removes The Oil. The Water Is Recycled. Great Picture. THANKS!

** Please send us your site pictures. We will post them on our site. We do not publish customer names or locations on our site. We appreciate seeing the installations and sharing them with others. A picture is worth a thousand words!