Oils Skimmers by SkimTech, LLC

Oil Skimmers

SkimTech is dedicated to helping our customers solve industrial oily waste problems. Applications range from in-plant sumps, tanks, coolant systems and oil/water settling basins to outdoor cooling and settling ponds, API separators...and hundreds of other applications. We know that not all oil removal will be the same so we have 3 model Oil Skimmers, the BG01 Oil Skimmer, the BG34 Oil Skimmer, and the AG25 Oil Skimmer.

A frontal view of our Oil Skimmer with CoverOur oil skimmers with cover removed.Another view of our oil skimmer without cover.

Our Oil Skimmer products include:

>> Skimall® Tube Type oil skimmers for process and environmental applications.
>> TigerTube® collector tubing for Tube Type oil skimmers; including Model 6V and 5H oil skimmers.
>> Dureon® wear parts for new and existing oil skimmers.
>> Spare parts for any Tube Type oil skimmer.

If you have an oily waste problem, need replacement collector tubing or parts for an existing oil skimmer, we want to be of service. We distribute our products worldwide using UPS, FedEx, DHL or common carrier. All our products are made in the USA.

SkimTech's Skimall® Oil Skimmers SkimTech's Skimall® oil skimmers help improve water quality of discharge, run-off and closed-loop process water systems by reducing the amount free-floating oil, animal fat, grease and other contaminants.
Our oil skimmer with tubes running.Our oil skimmer installedA top view of our oil skimmer, cover removed, tubes running.
Skimall® oil skimmers improve water for reused or treatment while minimizing disposal costs. In many instances, the material removed can be reused, recycled or sold which can save you costs. They also help improve the efficiency of water filtration systems by preventing free-floating material from prematurely clogging filters.

No matter what your industry, SkimTech can help you solve your oil, fat, grease or other free-floating material removal problems. We are dedicated to solving your oily waste problem and saving you time and money. Your investment in an oil skimming system is important, make sure it is the best oil skimmer for your application.
Customer picture of our oil skimmer in actionAnother customer image of our oil skimmers in actionTop view from customer of oil skimmer running.