Oils Skimmers by SkimTech, LLC

Skimtech Oil Skimmer Models

SkimTech's Skimall® family of tube type oil skimmers.

SkimTech's Oil Skimmers are designed to remove free-floating oils, fats, grease and other material from the surface of water in indoor and outdoor industrial applications. Typical applications include oil/water equalization tanks, oil/water separators, settling and cooling ponds, scale pits and hundreds of other applications.

Here’s how the Oil Skimmers work:

SkimTech's Skimall® Oil Skimmers use our specially formulated TigerTube® collector tube that is sized in length for the application and welded into a continuous loop. TigerTube® collector tube floats on the surface of water and is driven in a continuous loop by the skimmer. Oils, fats, and grease cling to the outside surface of the tube and are drawn into the skimmer. The material drawn into the skimmer is scraped off by abrasive resistant Dureon® scrapers and flows into a sludge pan with drain coupling. The clean tube is then driven back to the surface of the water by the skimmer to remove more material.

Model BG01 Oil Skimmer Front
Model BG34 Oil Skimmer with Cover
Model BG25 Oil Skimmer Front Small

Model BG01
"Mighty Mack"
Largest Tube Type Skimmer Available
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Model BG34
Standard Size Tube Type Skimmer
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Model AG25
"Mini David"
Compact Size For Small Applications
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Animal fats, cooking oil, cutting oil, diesel fuel, fly ash, gasoline, grease, hydraulic oil, jet-a fuel, kerosene, lubricating oil, paint sludge, quench oil, RAD waste, silicone, solvents, sludge, soybean oil, tramp oil, vegetable oil, waste oil - no problem for a Skimall® Oil Skimmer with TigerTube® collector tube.

Model BG01 "Mighty Mack"

The largest Tube Type oil skimmer available! Designed for indoor and outdoor applications where the highest removal rates of any Tube Type skimming system are essential - Large settling basins, scale pits, cooling ponds and pre-filtration waste water treatment settling basins. Uses our 1" TigerTube® for maximum oil, fat and grease removal.
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Model BG34 "Lucy"

Standard size Tube Type oil skimmer. Designed for indoor and outdoor applications - oil and grease settling basins, pre-treatment equalization cooling water and settling ponds, and large multiple machine central coolant systems. Uses our 3/4" TigerTube® for standard oil, fat and grease removal rates.
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Model AG25 "Mini David"

The most compact Tube Type oil skimmer available! Designed for applications where space is limited - Parts washers, small oil/water pre-filtration equalization tanks and individual machine and central coolant systems. Uses our 1/4" TigerTube® for fast and easy tramp oil, waste oil and other material removal needs.
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See SkimTech’s Skimall® skimmer in action at a customer’s site:

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This video was sent to us by a satisfied customer in Texas.  We appreciate receiving photos and videos from customers.  The skimmer has been operating 7+ years without a problem. 

Oil Skimmer Removal Rates

Removal rates for any oil skimmer depend on the viscosity of the material being removed and the amount of new material introduced into the application area on a regular basis. The higher the quantity and more viscous the material the higher the removal rate.

Performance And Quality Guarantee:

Every SkimTech product is sold with an unconditional performance and quality guarantee that ensures total customer satisfaction. See our Performance and Quality Guarantee for complete details.

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Oil Skimmer Mounts:

SkimTech has a complete line of pre-engineered frame and boom mounting systems available for any application. See our Oil Skimmer Mounts links below for information concerning our standard mounts. Custom mounts that include pumps, 500 - 2000 gallon collection tanks, and complete system controls are available for unique customer requirements. Any mounting system can be winterized for outdoor applications. Our Application Engineers are available to assist with any customer application.        

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