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Benefits to Working with SkimTech

  • Three Models Available

  • Traditional Proven Process

  • High Removal Rate Capacity

  • Unique Safety Features

  • Fits Existing Skimmer Mounts

  • Pre-Engineered Mounts Available

About The Systems



SkimTech’s Skimall™ oil skimmers are designed for high efficiency skimming. The low percentage of water removed helps you minimize costs. SkimTech’s Skimall™ skimmers are designed for low maintenance and 24/7 operation. Your investment in a skimming system is important; make sure it is the best skimmer for your application.


  • Rugged main frame available in coated cast aluminum (standard) or stainless steel (special order).

  • "Lubed for life" bearings, sprockets and gear reducing components. No oil reservoir to fill and no seals that leak.

  • Long-life abrasive resistant Dureon™ tube scrapers and pressure blocks that are specially designed for tough industrial applications.

  • Quick connect and release Drive and Pulley Wheels for ease of maintenance. Drive and Pulley Wheels have our unique universal Dureon™ replacement rings, meaning you may never have to replace the entire wheel!

  • Safety guards designed with today’s safety concerns in mind. If your existing skimming system functions properly without the safety guards in place, you are vulnerable to potentially costly worker injury claims. Safety is an important factor when evaluating which skimming system to buy!

  • Front safety guard with integral Dureon™ tube scrapers and pressure blocks. The guard prevents worker injuries, secures the Dureon™ pieces in place and allows for easy access to the integral Dureon™ pieces without removing the skimmer from its mount!

  • Rear safety guard allows for easy access to the modern Drive and Pulley Wheel belt drive system. No major disassembly required!

  • Our Dureon™ tube scrapers and pressure blocks pieces are designed to fit most Tube Type skimmers. We also have Upgrade Kits to improve the performance of your existing Tube Type skimmer.

SkimTech™, Inc. has modernized the design of the Tube or Rope Type skimmer to meet the needs of today’s manufacturing and commercial environmental concerns. SkimTech manufactures the Skimall™ family of Tube Type oil skimming systems, TigerTube™ collector tubes and tough Dureon™ wear parts. We also manufacture skimmer upgrade kits to improve the performance of your existing Tube Type oil skimming system. All our products can be ordered online.


Tube Type oil skimmers have been used in industrial applications for over 40 years. They are a proven method for removing free-floating contaminants from sumps, pits, ponds and hundreds of other applications. SkimTech’s Skimall™ skimmers can help improve the quality of process and discharge water for reuse or treatment. In many instances, the material removed can be reused or recycled which can save you money.

No matter what your industry, SkimTech™ can help you solve your free-floating material removal problem. We will get you the right oil skimming system for your application, to save you time and money. Our skimmers are designed and built to deliver years of performance in tough industrial applications.

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