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Tube Type Oil Skimmers: How They Work

Our TigerTube is specially formulated for Tube Type oil skimmers to maximize the removal of oil, fats and greases. It snakes over debris and can be used in hot or cold applications. The tube is properly sized for the application and joined using our proprietary bonding process. We add in an orange color on each moving part--a unique safety feature to help ensure your safety when the tube skimmer is in use

What Our Skimmer Tubes Collect

Our tubes are the answer to a vast number of messes. Here are a just a few of the most common applications:

Cooking oil



Paint sludge



animal fats



HydrAulic Oil

No matter the job, we have just the size for it...



Designed for use with our Skimall Model AG25 "Mini David" Oil Skimming System and fits any system requiring 1/4 tubes. 



Designed for use with our Skimall Model BG34 "Lucy" Oil Skimming System. It is also the standard size collector tube used by most Tube Type oil skimmers...the ideal replacement collector tube for a Model 6V or 5H Oil Skimmer.



The largest Tube Type oil skimmer collector tube with the highest removal rate available. Designed for use with our Skimall Model BG01 "Mighty Mack" Oil Skimming System.  With a removal rate capacity of over 120 GPH, the TT01 TigerTube is designed for tough applications where maximum removal rates are critical.

Want to replace your existing collector tubes? Need help deciding which size is right for you?

Our tubes are competitively priced, saving customers who switch 20% on average!

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