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Your satisfaction is our primary concern!

SkimTech guarantees every Skimall oil skimming system will remove free-floating oils, fats, grease and other undesirable material from your application. Every Skimall system is designed to deliver years of reliable service and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Performance Guarantee

During the first sixty (60) days after we ship your new Skimall oil skimmer, if your system does not remove the undesirable material from your application, contact us and we will resolve the problem as it relates to our equipment. If the problem cannot be resolved, return the equipment to us for a full refund of the purchase price (less shipping, packaging and handling charges).

Every SkimTech oil skimmer is sold with a one (1) year Quality Guarantee against defective workmanship and components to the original purchaser. We will replace any defective item at no charge during the first twelve months from the date of purchase.As added assurance that you are making a great decision to buy from SkimTech, we also offer a standard sixty (60) day Performance Guarantee with every TigerTube collector tube and Dureon replaceable wear piece.We guarantee your satisfaction with every SkimTech product!

We guarantee your satisfaction with every SkimTech product!

Quality Guarantee
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